"If you want to see a grown man cry, give him a bad beard trim!" - George Bruno aka The Sultan of Silver.

Dec 2016 a 'work in progress'.

Feb 2017 still a 'work in progress'.

March 2017 still a 'work in progress'.

June 2017 almost there.

Even while I was in high school I wanted to grow a beard. Again like my interest in weight lifting and my wish to have a pond, I do not know why.

I just knew that when I left school the beard was coming.

And so it did. In fact since then I have rarely been without a beard.

It seems that at an early age I had very definite ideas about some of the things I wanted to do in life.

I have gone from full beard to goatee and back and forth over these years.

During my early twenties I worked in a factory where I contracted a skin condition on my face called Seborrhoeic dermatitis

I use medicated shampoos which keeps it under control most of the time. When it flares up shaving becomes very uncomfortable and even painful - hence the full beard.

In 2016 the condition became particularly difficult and I had to grow the full beard again.

This time I decided to keep it long term, so I researched how to take care of it.

I'm not going to write a lot of text here as it will get boring. Besides I have personally found that I learnt the most while watching the videos which Eric and his staff have put on youtube.

I will however just emphsise the below points.

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What you need

Now let me point out from the start that you don't 'need' anything for your beard!
The vast majority of men, %99.? use nothing special on their beards but standard shampoos and combs. This is absolutely fine and dandy. It is what I had been doing for the last 37 years.
But if you want to make the most of your beard and especially if you want a longer beard then you will need some stuff.

A word of caution

If you have never grown your beard before then my advice would be to buy the minimum products (Wash. Oil.) such as Percy Nobleman's Beard Starter Kit, and wait and see.


Firstly beard care/grooming products are expensive. A lot more expensive than standard hair products.

Secondly you have no idea what your beard is going to look like!

Facial hair is different to head hair. It can be a different colour. Your head hair may be straight but your beard hair curly and vice-versa.
The beard hair itself might even be different colours! Your chin hair may be white even though the rest is black - like mine.

But however your beard appears don't give up. Most men I have known who tried to grow a beard shaved it off after less than a month or two at most.

You do not know what your beard is finally going to look like after such a short time. Give it at least four months (even if you are sure you want to shave - what have you got to loose?) After four months it will look very different and my bet is you'll keep it.

Short beard

If you are just going for a short full beard (up to one inche long) you will only need a light beard oil and a wash/shampoo/conditioner.
The comb you use for your scalp will be fine.

Long beard

If you are going for a longer beard, such as a standard long full beard, a Garibaldi, Yeard or even a Bandholz then it is a very different situation.
You will need :- N.B. With regards to the last item on the above list - you need a proper pair of beard scissors because beard hair is thicker and courser than scalp hair. So the scissors must be very sharp and strong, which means very high quality steel.